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The natural makeup of human body, it puts great emphasis upon mind, soul and body

connections. Charak Samhita teaches us about maintaining a set schedule; to awaken and balance all the chakras of body. There are 7 chakras in human body .


In a healthy mind resides a healthy body.Keeping this we must follow a set routine.

1.Begin your mornings with lukewarm water ,it will be great if you consume water stored in Copper utensil overnight as it will not only help in improving digestion and prevent constipation but also improves your immunity .

2.Yoga and meditation to connect with your self within. 

3.Drink tea infused with tulsi , ginger, cardamom  helps boost energy and immunity.

4. At all times take simple food comprising of pulses, chapati ,fruits and vegetable ;avoid spicy and fried diet.

5 .Maintain calm and composed aura.


In this difficult time, we AYUSEA healthcare pvt ltd hope and wish the best health and immunity for you and your family to fight this pandemic -COVID 19 .After all Health is Wealth .

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